Modulegraph2 command-line interface


python -mmodulegraph2 [option] name


Build a modulegraph for one or more scripts, modules or distributions and output the graph as a HTML or Graphviz file.


-h, --help

Display the command-line interface and exit.

-m, --module

The positional arguments are module names (default behaviour).

-s, --script

The positional arguments are scripts.

-d, --distribution

The positional arguments are distributions.

-f FORMAT, --format FORMAT

Output the graph in the specified format. Two formats supported:

Output a HTML report on the dependency graph
Output a Graphviz file with the depedency graph
-x NAME, --exclude NAME

Add NAME to the list of excluded modules.

-p PATH, --path PATH

Add PATH to the module search path.

-o FILE, --output FILE

Write output to path (defaults to stdout)


The names of modules, scripts or distributions at the root of the depedency graph.