Modulegraph2 - Python module dependency graph

Modulegraph2 is a library for creating and introspecting the dependency graph between Python modules. The graph is created using static analisys from source and byte code.

The dependency graph contains information about packages, modules, extensions and their dependencies. The dependencies are annotated with relevant information about the import statement.

Modules that from a distribution installed using pip also have a link to information about that distribution.

Release information

Modulegraph2 2.0a1 was released on 2019-02-03. See the changelog for information on this release.


Modulegraph2 can be installed using pip.

Supported platforms

Modulegraph2 supports Python 3.6 and later on all platforms. The code is developed using Python 3.7 on macOS, but and regularly tested with other Python versions and on Linux and Windows.

Windows and Linux build status: